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Top 100 entrepreneurs that made millions without a traditional college degree

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Top 100 entrepreneurs that made millions without a traditional college degree

Top 100 entrepreneurs that made millions without a traditional college degree

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Top 100 entrepreneurs that made millions without a traditional college degree

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When it comes to having lifelong experience in a certain field, coming up with ingenious ideas or exploring and perfecting raw, innate talent, a college degree becomes merely a piece of paper, a tool at most meant tofacilitate the road to success and help you reach your full potential. Let’s take a look at the top 100 most successful entrepreneurs that do not own a traditional college diploma.

  1. Bill Gates

Known as “Harvard’s most successful dropout”, Bill Gates has an estimated net worth of

over 65 billion dollars – but does not own a college degree! The philanthropist left Harvard University in 1975 to found Microsoft with his childhood friend, Paul Allen, and become one of the wealthiest people in the world.

  1. Steve Jobs

The late computer wizard, founder of Apple and Pixar was a college dropout because his

parents could not afford paying for his studies.

  1. Lawrence Ellison

After dropping out of both University of Illinois and University of Chicago, Larry Ellison became the founder of Oracle and is now the 5th richest person in the world, with a fortune of almost 40 billion dollars.

  1. Michael Dell

The 49 years old American investor is known as the founder and CEO of one of theworld’s leading sellers of personal computers – Dell Inc.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

The billionaire founder of Facebook does not own a traditional college degree because in 2004 he chose to spend his time designing the social network that became a worldwide phenomenon with over 1 billion monthly active users.

  1. Bob Poctor – bestselling author
  2. Jake Nickell – co-founder of
  3. John Paul DeJoria – co-founder of J. P. Mitchell Systems
  4. Craig McCaw – founder of McCaw cellular
  5. Theodore Waitt – founder of Gateway computer
  6. Roman Abramovich – owner of Chelsea Football Club
  7. Bram Cohen – BitTorrent developer
  8. Charles Culpeper – owner of Coca Cola
  9. Ingvar Kamprad – founder of IKEA
  10. Kirk Kerkorian – owner of MGM movie studio
  11. Russell Simmons – co-founder of Def Jam Records
  12. Coco Chanel – founder of fashion brand Chanel
  13. Henry Ford – founder of Ford Motor Company
  14. Frederick Laker – airline entrepreneur
  15. Jack Crawford Taylor – founder of Enterprise Rent-a-Car
  16. Michael Rubin – founder of Global Sports
  17. Ty Warner – real estate investor
  18. Dave Thomas – founder of Wendy’s
  19. Jay Van Andel – co-founder of Amway
  20. Milton Hershey – founder of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
  21. S. Daniel Abraham – founder of Slim-Fast
  22. Sean John Combs – producer and entrepreneur
  23. David Neeleman – founder of Jet Blue airlines
  24. Jimmy Dean – founder of Jimmy Dean foods
  25. John D. Rockefeller Sr. – founder of Standard Oil
  26. Daniel Ek – co-founder of Spotify
  27. Joyce C. Hall – founder of Hallmark
  28. Ray Kroc – founder of McDonald’s
  29. Colonel Harlan Sanders – founder of KFC
  30. DeWitt Wallace – founder of Reader’s Digest
  31. Tom Anderson – co-founder of MySpace
  32. Wally Amos – founder of Famous Amos cookies
  33. David Karp – founder of Tumblr
  34. Jerry Yang – co-founder of Yahoo
  35. John Mackey – founder of Whole Foods
  36. Steve Wozniak – co-founder of Apple
  37. Ansel Adams
  38. Barbara Lynch
  39. David Ogilvy
  40. Steve Madden
  41. Anne Beiler
  42. Ashley Qualls
  43. Dustin Moskovitz
  44. Frederick Henry Royce
  45. GurbakshChahal
  46. Kemmons Wilson
  47. Ron Popeil
  48. W. T. Grant
  49. David Oreck
  50. George Eastman
  51. Henry J. Kaiser
  52. Marcus Loew
  53. Milton Hershey
  54. Vidal Sassoon
  55. W. Clement Stone
  56. Ben Kaufman
  57. Jeffrey Kalmikoff
  58. Kevin Rose
  59. PeteCashmore
  60. Ted Murphy
  61. Amadeo Peter Gianini
  62. Barry Diller
  63. Billy Joe McCombs
  64. Carl Lindner
  65. Y. C. Wang
  66. Wolfgang Puck
  67. Richard Schulze
  68. Kenny Johnson
  69. George Naddaff
  70. H. Wayne Huizenga
  71. David Geffen
  72. Rachael Ray
  73. Richard DeVos
  74. Simon Cowell
  75. DovCharney
  76. Shawn Fanning
  77. David Green
  78. Marc Rich
  79. Philip Green
  80. Leandro Rizzuto
  81. GautamAdani
  82. ShahidBalwa
  83. Amancio Ortega
  84. Jack C. Taylor
  85. Ralph Lauren
  86. Debbi Fields
  87. Frank Lloyd Wright
  88. Mary Kay Ash
  89. Richard Branson
  90. Mark Ecko
  91. Rob Kalin
  92. Walt Disney
  93. Hyman Golden
  94. Isaac Merrit Singer
  95. Kenneth Hendricks



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