What does it mean when a College or University doesn’t have Accreditation?

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What does it mean when a College or University doesn’t have Accreditation?

What does it mean when a College or University doesn't have Accreditation?

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What does it mean when a College or University doesn’t have Accreditation?

Nowadays, no matter where you live, it is becoming more and more critical that you present a solid educational background in your resume in order to have a fair chance at obtaining a good job or a great promotion. As a consequence, there are more and more educational institutions developing all over the world in order to supply for the raising demand of degrees. Naturally, all of these new colleges or universities promise you the highest quality tuition, but only a small portion of them are actually officially recognized through accreditation.

In order to understand what to expect from a college or university that doesn’t have accreditation, let’s think of what the process of accreditation involves. For an educational institution to become accredited, it has to undergo a serious quality evaluation process, which can usually take up to several years to complete. At the end of this assessment period, the team of evaluators (part of a governmental organization or of specialized non-profit organizations) decides whether or not the respective college or university deserves to be accredited. If the answer is affirmative, then it means that the institution meets very specific, high standards in areas such as students’ outcomes, setting objectives and implementing them, providing appropriate facilities and qualified staff, as well as developing effective strategies for self-improvement. To put it simply, accreditation guarantees to the public, employers and possible students that the college or university involved adequately prepares its learners to perform their profession proficiently.

Depending on local laws, educational institutions may not be legally required to get accredited. Therefore, the fact that an institution doesn’t have accreditation can mean several things. For instance, the accreditation process takes several years to prepare, which means that a newly established college or university might not have had the necessary time to complete the initial process. Moreover, accreditation is not permanent, which means that the entire evaluation process must be repeated at regular intervals of time. Consequently, in the case of long-established institutions, the lack of accreditation can mean that it is facing financial difficulties or is unable to maintain the previously demonstrated standard of quality. Most importantly, you will notice that all fraudulent “diploma mills” are schools with no valid accreditation and degrees obtained from such institutions are generally discredited.

Even if you are not dealing with a diploma mill (unaccredited higher education institutions that offer illegitimate academic degrees and diplomas), relying on a degree obtained from an unaccredited college or university is rather risky. Depending on local laws, the institution’s reputation or the industry standards, your employer may or may not accept such a degree, which can put you in a very difficult position when looking to get hired. Moreover, competition is fierce in a world where employment is becoming scarce, and owning a diploma from an unaccredited educational institution can lead to losing great opportunities and being by-passed by your colleagues. If you’re wondering how this can happen, just think of the situation where people interviewing for the same job as you possess an accredited college degree. On most occasions, the employer will select them over you, simply because accreditation guarantees higher standards of work.

There’s no reason to let such a small detail get in the way of your career. This is why we take great care to provide you only with degrees obtained from physically existing, accredited universities or colleges, so that you have the best chances when applying for your dream job.

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